Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Be Green + REFILL

The tide has turned and momentum is growing due to the huge push to reduce plastic use; Evocative Essentials is happy to climb on board too. For you to play a role, we suggest you be conscious in your buying decisions and take back your power. We truly believe that we can do some good for our communities and planet...together!

You may already know that our locally made products are created with natural ingredients and pure, authentic essential oils. Now we are offering you a way to help save the planet, one container at a time. We have started a new refillable program in an effort to reduce the amount of garbage both you and us buy. We have many loyal customers who come in and purchase the same products they love consistently. We got to thinking, why not let our supporters refill their products, save money, and not waste a perfectly good container? We don't see a down side to offering this. We see benefits to us all.

REFILL on the all of our products that you love. SAVE MONEY by reusing your container. HELP THE PLANET by not throwing away more garbage.

At the moment, we are offering this in a few of our products, but we plan to expand it to a wide range of them. The next time you finish up that last drop of your favorite Lavender Lotion, don't throw away the container! Wash it out, and bring it in for us to sanitize and refill. Your wallet and our planet will thank you all for it!

New Logo

You may or may not know that Evocative Essentials has started some fresh changes recently. Ellen and I have been working behind-the-scenes to transform your trusted apothecary shop, because change is inevitable and we are growing too!

Fresh Changes

We've been proudly trusted by you, our supporters, since the weekend of the Butter Tart Festival in 2014! With our five-year Anniversary coming next Spring, we figured it's about time to bring on fresh change. The biggest projects Ellen and I are managing together include:

- Updated Logo

- New Product Labels (every single product is getting a makeover)

- New Product Testing and Creation (we can't wait to share these with you all)

- Newly Painted Exterior and Interior

- New Interior Design

- New Website

- New Branding

- An Additional Location/New Building Obtained with Funding from the NSCFDC (we aren't moving but we will share more about this exciting initiative soon)

Organic Growth

Over the past two years, Evocative Essentials has experienced growth and I like to describe it as organic. To me, our organic growth is something that has happened naturally for us. I see a bulb sprouting and turning into a pretty flower when I speak of this. Maybe you can envision this for Evocative Essentials too. Two initiatives that have contributed towards our growth are the

- Custom Orders for events (weddings, showers, workshops)

- Collaborations with other businesses across Canada

I have to say that such natural growth is only possible when your business is valued, you are trustworthy and you build relationships with everyone who crosses your path each day. We continue focusing on these words of wisdom both in-person and online and hope that you feel our authenticity too!

True Essence

While experiencing fresh change and organic growth, we've been forced to identify, accept and understand what our true essence is; In other words, what Evocative Essentials is all about. I know that this description will keep evolving just as we do over time. But for now, here is where we stand:

The essence of Evocative Essentials is that we use pure, authentic essential oils to feed your mind, body, skin and soul. Furthermore, Evocative Essentials believes in providing value, being trustworthy and strengthening relationships that, together, we create.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I hope that you appreciate the work going on behind the scenes and that you too are excited for what we are bringing to you through this amazing little shop!

Sending positive vibes and many thanks your way,


We all know our five senses: Taste, Touch, Sight, Hearing and Smell. But did you know that your sense of smell is your most primal sense? Your sense of smell evokes thoughts, emotions, moods, memories and behaviors even before you actually experience the scent in words.

Your ability to smell, also known as olfaction is different than your other scents because it goes through different pathways in the brain. First, the scent will reach your nasal cavity, olfactory bulb and then the limbic system of the brain. According to Wikipedia the limbic system is:

“a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood. It controls the basic emotions (fear, pleasure, anger) and drives (hunger, sex, dominance, care of offspring).”

Your other senses proceed trough different pathways. Even before you are aware of a certain scent, it has passed through your brain and has hit your brain going through all these different regions affecting everything from mood to emotions and different feelings and drives such as hunger and sex etc.

For this reason, smells, especially from essential oils can affect and even influence how you think and feel, going so far as to control your memory and emotions.

Essential oils carry highly concentrated and complex natural compounds that pass quickly and easily into the limbic system of your brain. The different essential oils have different characteristics and can be extremely powerful for healing or simply bringing one to a state of balance or relaxation.

As an addition, I have to mention that perfumes or synthetic scents are toxic and typically loaded with allergens.

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