I own a spa, and sometimes I’m embarrassed to let people see my hands. I don’t know about you, but I swear, once winter hits, my cuticles turn to looking horrible.

I do get manicures, but sometimes it’s nice to have something in my purse that I can use as maintenance. I know that you can use any oil or even coconut oil and rub it into your cuticles, but I just don’t find it has that lasting effect that I’m looking for. And, I also like the idea of massaging something into the cuticles. So, I decided to make my own cuticle cream. It’s fun and easy and feels and smells delicious and is super effective. Here’s my recipe:

DIY Cuticle Cream Recipe


25 grams or 2 oz almond oil

25 grams cocoa butter

10 grams beeswax

10 drops geranium essential oil

(You can substitute whichever essential oil you like)

Directions: You can use a double boiler or I like to use a pot with water in it and then use a glass measuring cup dangled over the lip of the pot. Add your cocoa butter and beeswax to your double boiler or glass measuring cup (Pyrex) and let the water come to a slow boil. Keep stirring your mixture. The beeswax almost always takes longer to melt than the cocoa butter. Once melted, take off the heat and allow to cool slightly adding your almond oil. Wait a couple of minutes, allowing it to cool a little more before adding your essential oil. Stir and pour into a *sterilized jar or small pot. Enjoy liberally!

*You can sterilize a jar or pot by placing in water and allowing it to boil for about 10 minutes or mmore easily, spray with alcohol, allow it to sit for up to 5 minutes and wipe dry with a clean paper towel.

Right off the top, I’m going to have to warn you that this is more of a rant than a blog.

I cringe when I see companies claiming to be safe for moms and babies alike knowingly continue to sell a product that has been linked to cancer since a study was done in the 1980’s. They could have quite easily change their formulation and yet simply chose to close their eyes and fill their pockets. Shame of them! I can’t even say that I am happy with the verdict. What I am is angered… angered and saddened.

Did you know that talc particles have been found in ovarian cancer cells? Literally found embedded in the cells. Oh, we just “love” the fresh smell of baby powder, so just use it liberally on all of our body parts and all over baby’s body parts. You can read the whole article here: http://www.rightinginjustice.com/news/2016/02/23/jury-finds-johnson-johnson-liable-for-ovarian-cancer-death-linked-to-talcum-powder-72-million-verdict/

Someone sent me a message today asking what else could they use for those areas. I checked out what David Suzuki had to say on the matter and you can find his recipes here: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/publications/downloads/2012/QueenofGreen-babycare.pdf

Personally, I don’t use cornstarch anymore. With corn being one of the most highly modified foods (GMO), I just use arrowroot powder. It pretty much works the same and you can always buy it at any Bulk Barn. We sell the clay here. You can use any white clay and it would have the same effect (to dry and soothe the area).

Okay, well thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

It’s really important to exfoliate your face and body any time of year, but it’s especially important in the winter. Dry winter air causes skin irritation and reduces the efficacy of any products you are trying to use.

Our skin cells turn over about every 28 days. Generally, this is a good thing in that we get new, fresh, skin cells! But we’re not like snakes that shed completely and have wonderfully new, glowing skin already waiting underneath. No, our skin cells are selective and shed wherever they want. If we allow the dead cells to accumulate, we end up with lackluster, bumpy dry and itchy skin. Yuck!

Exfoliating on the other hand, removes this dead skin and speeds up cell renewal enabling new healthy cells to grow. This is super important in maintaining youthful, healthy looking skin. The other bonus? Your dead skin cells aren’t flaking off all over your home creating awesome dust for dust mites to munch on. Gross!

Exfoliating is actually more important than moisturizing because if you’re spending money on creams, lotions and oils etc, they can’t even penetrate properly and then you’re kind of just flushing your money down the toilet. Once you’ve exfoliated, you’ll notice a more even complexion and your products will go on more smoothly and absorb better.

At Evocative, we generally recommend the kaolin clay to help with exfoliation of the face. It’s gentle and can be used as a cleanser and a masque. For the body, we have our Scrub Muffins. They are both a chemical and mechanical exfoliant. They’re super effective, but if you have a cut, it will find it! That’s why we have the disclaimer: Not For Wusses! It’s also jam packed full of cocoa butter, so it infuses the butter at the same time you’re exfoliating, which is also super cool!

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