I’m personally not addicted to lip balms, so I generally only thin to use them when I physically see it and then I remember to use it or when my lips are actually feeling like they’re drying out.

The problem with my lips drying out is that once it starts to happen, I don’t know about you but it seems to happen instantaneously and the next thing I know is I have chapped, dried dead peeling skin. How’s that for attractive? Anyone want a kiss? No? Ah, come on….

So, what do I do about this dried lip situation? I gently exfoliate my lips using natural and simple ingredients from my Love Your Lips BLOG. The natural oils from the exfoliant help to moisturize while I get rid of that dead skin. Then, I finally remember to slather on my lip balm and keep slathering it on to protect my lips.

So, why do lips get so darned dry, especially in the winter? Lips, unlike your skin, have very thin tissue covering them. This leaves them way more susceptible to drying out. The proximity of your lips to your tongue is another issue that contributes to dry chapped lips. When lips are dry, people tend to lick their lips to soothe the dryness. This helps in the short term, but compounds the dryness in the long term. Your saliva breaks down your already sensitive tissue and creates a vicious cycle. Also, what are you applying to your lips? If it’s a petroleum based product (which most are), the petroleum acts to moisturize as you first put it on. This very same petroleum, (think oil sludge or gasoline) is actually drying out your lips as you’re wearing it! Think back to the saliva, only about a thousand times worse.

The answer is to be kind to your lips and don’t panic! First, rid yourself of that dead skin. It may take a day or two or even a week. Be gentle and kind. Use only natural, healthy lip balms and make sure there’s no drying fragrance or flavouring in them. Lastly, keep your tongue in your mouth.

Have you told yourself you’re going to eat healthier this year, but not sure where to start? Begin by eating whole foods. Whole foods are foods that only have one ingredient; an apple, sweet potato, broccoli, farm fresh or grass fed ground beef and eggs consist only of 1 ingredient. More importantly they do not come out of a box or package. They are not chemically made and full of harmful ingredients. These foods also come naturally from the earth. Another little tidbit of advice, don’t think about your food so much! Food is simply food and will nourish your body and provide you with energy. Although, when you over analyze your food and think about it too much it’s no longer an enjoyable experience and it should be!

As some of you may know, myself and fellow holistic nutritionist Jenny will be hosting a 6 week nutrition workshop in just a few short weeks. If you are struggling with making healthy food choices, eating seasonally or are not quite sure how to make a balanced nutrient dense plate then come join us Wednesday, February 17th for our Balanced Nutrition workshop. This will be a fun interactive night and get all of your nutrition questions answered. It will also kick start our 6 weeks of fun we will have!

Do you have trouble navigating the grocery store and deciphering food ingredient labels? If you cannot recognize ingredients on labels then your body won’t either. Do you often get stuck during the week and are not sure what to cook or simply don’t have enough time to cook a healthy meal. Do you want to learn how to properly menu plan to save your-self time and money during the week! Then you may be interested in our Menu Planning and Navigating the Grocery Store Workshop on Wed, February 24th.

Just want some quick and easy meal ideas? Or tips so eating healthy while sticking to a budget? We’ve got you covered their too! The following four weeks we will be focusing on Balanced Healthy Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks. If you have health concerns, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss etc we will be providing meal and snack options with this in mind.

You will receive a free Health and Wellness swag bag when you sign up for all six sessions! There are only 25 spots available and it’s already filling up so reserve your seat by emailing Amanda.rhn@gmail.com or visit http://www.amandasnaturalwellness.com/blog/nutrition-101 for more info. We would love for you to join us!

Be well friends!

As a little kid, I used to suffer horribly from dry, itchy skin and red, sore rashes. I used to have to bathe in colloidal oatmeal and wear cream on my hands and feet at night with gloves and socks. For a little kid, it truly sucked. Luckily I grew out of it as I became older but I did change a few things and I think that made a big difference. For one thing, I stopped using super-hot water in my showers and I stopped using skin drying soap all over my body. I started to exfoliate my body instead. The parts that have sweat glands and oil glands ie pits and other bits, I did use soap, but I only used natural and unscented soap. This was great as my itchiness and subsided and my skin was allowed to “normalize”

For me, I believe that whatever was in the soaps that I was using at the time (big box store soap with fragrance added) was actually stripping my skin of its natural lipid layer and I was essentially dehydrating my skin.

Other factors that can cause dry skin are extremes in temperature. In winter, especially, because it’s cold, people tend to want to take extra hot showers or baths. This dehydrates the skin and irritates the nerves that innervate the skin cells causing inflammation. Cold from winter temperatures is drying. There’s low humidity, so the skin dries out really quickly. We lose that lipid layer and our skin begins to look and feel like the Sahara Desert. Now apply a lotion that contain toxic chemicals and harmful fragrance and you’re just adding oil to the fire. Those harsh chemicals will further dry the skin and it creates a never ending cycle.

The best thing you can do? For your whole body: exfoliate rather than wash with soap. I mean, how dirty are your arms, anyways? Wash only those areas that really need a washing and use a gentle, natural soap or wash. Hydrate internally as well as externally. Drink plenty of liquids and use safe, natural creams and lotions to soothe your skin. Wear gloves in the winter and keep body parts covered from the cold and drying wind as much as possible.

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