I consider myself a Hippie Hedonist. Why? Because I loved all things natural and organic before natural and organic were cool. A true Torontonian, I indulged in things that satisfy all the senses, from the touch of a massage and the taste of exceptional food to the sights of fine art and design to smells of fragrances and flowers. I am drawn to the symphony of our senses and take great pleasure in sharing those things with the people in my life. When it came time to pursue a new adventure, I moved to Midland and opened a massage therapy business in 1990 after attending Massage College in Sutton, ON.

During my 25-year practice, I had a side business called Practical Magic making body lotions and potions for friends, family, and clients. When I sold my massage practice, the Practical Magic’s Magic Cabinet that held my ingredients for my lotions and potions closed. I became a part of my husband Mark's family law office team as a professional assistant. In the three years at the law office, I felt a continual pull to get back to my original love of creating natural, effective, pleasurable and decadent smelling lotions and potions.

I opened a natural and organic spa in 2010 and went back to practicing massage therapy. Here was the perfect profession for me to feed my hedonistic desire and share it with my community. However, despite my love of all things pleasurable and exotic I did not feel it should come at the price of a person’s health. The expanding database of knowledge about cancer causing additives in everyday body motivated me to take a leap and start experimenting with a new line of body care products that are safe, organic, and locally made. With the success of my spa, I found that I had the time to dream about my initial passion for potions. And, with the support of Mark, who is my chief deodorant maker and tester, and my 87-year-old father, who is an expert at bath bomb creation, I decided the time had come to share my passion for the natural and organic movement.

So, we created, tested, and refined a new line of products that now fill my small shop, and I can share my love of natural, clean ingredients and delicious smelling essential oils with you. It is important to me that all our products be handmade, smell awesome and feel great, but also look pretty. I believe eco is indeed chic and green is finally the new black.

I want to share my joy for healthy products with you and encourage you to ask questions, post comments and browse through our product line. If you do not find what you are looking for contact me.

I encourage you to connect with me on Facebook and Pinterest to get news and information about oil recipes, new products, and fun facts. If you are looking for a starting point with our products, I recommend you try our oooh and aaah line of lemongrass products.

Remember the only person who is in charge of what goes on your body is you. So, take charge of your health by using organic alternatives. And, thank you for visiting our site!

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