Natures Hot Flash Quencher

I had the great fortune to reach perimenopause by the age of 40. The hot flashes were “interesting” to say the least! They started with a ball of heat growing in my abdomen until I thought it would burn a hole right through me, then it would immediately disperse waves of fluid heat throughout my body, exiting along my arms, legs and head. It was actually a really queer and interesting phenomenon.

As the years progressed, I found the hot flashes a lot less “interesting” and more of a nuisance. They changed their form as well. They changed to a plain, overall warming up of my entire body, almost simultaneously until I was a flaming red, uncomfortable mess.

Now, about 12 years later, I am still enjoying the typical, uncomfortable hot flash and am told that I am one of the unfortunate 20% that will most likely have to suffer these things for the rest of my life. Whaaaat?

After hearing this awesome forecast, I searched the dusty folds of my memory for an essential oil used to treat hot flashes. I had a vague recollection that it was geranium or rose geranium and sure enough, that was the answer!

Rose geranium (Pelargonium Roseum or Pelargonium Graveolens) is a plant that grows about 70 different species, but only about 10 can be harvested for their oils. This isn’t your garden variety geranium! This particular geranium is a thick bush found in various parts of the world, mainly Egypt.

The leaves, stalk and flower all contain useful active ingredients, so the whole plant is steam distilled to create the sweet, rosy and herbaceous scent we’ve all come to love. Okay, so why is this essential oil such a boon for menopausal women or even one suffering from PMS?

Rose geranium EO is a powerful hormonal balancer. It has an uplifting quality with a calming effect on female hormones. It also has a cooling effect. Yes, I said a cooling effect. It has a direct effect on the adrenal cortex, helping to regulate that fight or flight response and having a calming effect on our nervous system. This powerhouse essential oil has many, many, many more uses, but we’re here to discuss menopause and hot flashes and other gentle and not so gentle female complaints.

I personally have most of my hot flashes at night while trying my darndest to get my beauty sleep. So, I have this lovely Rose Geranium spray from Evocative Essentials at my bedside to help calm my hormones, relax my anxious state and cool me down WAY faster than if I were to just lay there flailing!

I may still experience hot flashes, but they are manageable and my mood has never been effected as I have heard of many women complaining. My husband thanks me and my EO spray and you’ll thank me too. Promise.

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