Best Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils are beautiful on their own, but somehow, they become more powerful and complex when used in a blend. There are some general “rules” to follow when making a blend, and they have to do with the “note” of the oil or at what point the scent is realized and for how long. These are general rules only. You really have to play with the oils to decide which blend you like the most.

There are three notes, top, middle and base. As you might guess, the top note will reach your nose first, the middle second and the base third, but will linger longer.

Some top note essential oils are lavender, lemon, petitgrain, orange, and bergamot. Middle note essential oils are considered the main scent of the blend. As the top notes fade away, the middle note is revealed. Some examples of these scents are rose, jasmine, juniper, geranium, neroli, and ylang-ylang. The base notes help the scent last, and add depth to the blend. Scents like: myrrh, frankincense, clove, clary sage, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla are some examples.

You can make these blends into your own personal perfume by using some jojoba or similar non-greasy oil or you can make a solid type perfume base using the Calendula Salve Recipe in our BLOG.

Here are some of my favourite essential oil blends!


2 - myrrh 1 - patchouli 1 - rose 6 - rosewood 12 – sandalwood


1 - cinnamon 12 - patchouli 3 - rose 2 – ylang –ylang

China Silk

4 – sweet orange 1 - patchouli 1 – ylang-ylang

Spicy Men's Blend

2 - bergamot 1 - cedarwood 1 - clove 1 - juniper 1 – patchouli

We don’t carry all of these oils. It may be a matter of space, or of price. We can always quote you the price of an oil and order it in for you. Here is a handy list of oil substitutes if cost is a factor.

Original Oil= Substitution

Bergamot= Grapefruit

Chamomile= Lavender

Clary Sage= Nutmeg + Sage

Jasmine =Ylang-ylang

Melissa =Lemon + Petitgrain

Neroli =Mandarin + Petigrain

Rose =Rosewood + Geranium

Sandalwood =Benzoin + Cedarwood

The best essential oil blend is the one that you make, and you love. Have fun experimenting!