Yummy Coffee and Sugar Bar

Some of you may know that I own Bamboo Spa. Bamboo Spa is an organic spa. I'm a bit of a Hippie Hedonist and I LOVE to get pampered at other spas as well. One of my favourite treatments is a Coffee Exfoliation, especially when the weather starts to change. I feel like my skin needs a good exfoliation and re-hydration.

Coffee scrubs or polishes are good for cellulite and increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. Maybe it's just my hedonistic side, but I love the texture and the smell of a nice coffee scrub! I do have a recipe to share that I will also be introducing at Evocative Essentials and it's not your typical scrub, but a bar instead so that it stays together and doesn't melt away. I LOVE this recipe!

Yummy Coffee with Sugar Bar

2 cups (unused) finely ground coffee

2 cups organic cane sugar

4 TBSP cinnamon

4 TBSP sodium bicarbonate

4 TBSP arrowroot powder

4 TBSP cocoa butter (melted)

Mix all the dry ingredients. Mix in the cocoa butter (use your common sense here... if the mixture is too dry, melt a little more cocoa butter... you can't go wrong with too much!) Use a muffin pan or similar mold and pack it all in. Let it set in fridge overnight. If you are having difficulty getting it out of the mold, try putting it in the freezer. You can also always "grease" the pain with a little extra cocoa butter.

How to use this bar:

After a shower or bath, when you are still moist, but not wet, simply rub the bar on your warm skin everywhere you want beautiful, fresh skin and rub in circular motions. Using a fresh face cloth and warm water. Rinse off! You will feel and smell great!

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