Synthetic Air Fresheners vs Natural Essential Oils

I have always been super sensitive to synthetic or artificial scents. Just walking into a room where someone is wearing perfume gives me a headache, makes me nauseas and I start to have brain fog. It takes a long time for the effects to wear off. Most times I either have to run through the detergent aisle at the supermarket or avoid it altogether. And, don’t get me started on those synthetic candle stores! I have to cross the street!

The vast majority of synthetic air fresheners emit significant amounts of terpene, a volatile organic compound that can react with naturally occurring ozone to create formaldehyde. Ozone, a form of oxygen, exists at some level both indoors and outdoors, so formaldehyde formation is practically inevitable wherever synthetic air fresheners are used. Indoor environments that tend to have elevated levels of ozone include those where photocopiers and ozone-generating air purifiers are used. This includes the synthetic plug-ins and wax melts. Come on... we all know, or should know that formaldehyde is a carcinogen! Why are we chancing it?

Fragrance manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients in their blends. One very popular ingredient, because it is cheap and helps the scent linger is DBP, a phthalate. Phthalates are harmful because they are notorious hormone disruptors. In a recent Maclean’s Magazine article discusses how BPA’s are an enormous concern.

Another reason to not use synthetic fragrances is that it is a leading cause of asthma in children as well as triggering asthma attacks in adults.

All natural essential oils and diffusers are the answer for sweet smelling, safe air. There are so many diffusers on the market to pair with your essential oils.. everything ranging from beautiful cool mist nebulizers to ScentBall plug ins to simply placing tissue soaked Kleenexes around your house.

Why chance becoming ill when the natural choice is right at your fingertips!

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