What Makes Our Lip Balms So Delicious!

I kind of think that if you’re putting something on your lips, it should be edible, right? That’s why when we were formulating our lip balms, we came up with ingredients that were safe, nutritious and delicious!

For our Chocoholic Lip Balm, for instance, we use Omega rich hemp oil, pure 100% cocoa butter, melted and mix it with organic dark chocolate! The result is a creamy, delicious, nutritious balm that is super moisturizing.

We wanted to try something a little different with our Fruity Patootie, so we combined almond oil with shea butter and used a blend of pure essential oils. We even added a touch of stevia to add some natural sweetness.

Our latest creation was for the Buttertart Festival and we wanted to make a lip balm that tasted like a creamy, delicious buttertart! We decided to use coconut butter, not coconut oil because the butter is made from the entire meat of the coconut. It retains all the benefits and flavour of the coconut and retains over 50% of the oil. We then researched what ingredients go into a buttertart and discovered that brown sugar, butter and vanilla also creates butterscotch! So, we combined organic coconut butter with natural butterscotch and vanilla and we had a hit!

With all the possible delicious ingredients, it’s hard to choose which my favourite is! They are all unique and moisturize the lips for hours and hours. That is unless you resist the temptation to lick them off!

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