What`s the Difference Between a Plug-In Diffuser and a Nebulizer?

We sell both the ScentBall Plug Ins and the Aromasens Nebulizer at our shop. We do that because everyone has different needs and desires and let’s face it, pocket books, right?

The plug-in type is less expensive and allows the aroma of essential oils to diffuse into the air. You can use up to 5 different essential oil (comes with 5 pads) and will fill approximately 200 sq feet. The heating part of the unit is special in that it heats slowly at a very low temperature. This is super important because essential oils are volatile and will burn and smell awful if heated on high heat.

The Aromasens Nebulizer is a completely different machine. Yes, this is more expensive and will put the smell of the oil or oils into the air, but it does so using a high frequency vibration to convert water and oil into a fine cool mist. This is the most therapeutic way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils as heat alters the chemistry of the oils. This mist is more easily absorbed by the human body, more effective in purifying the air and has an added humidifying effect. You can use this machine to help clean the air in the house or use in a child’s room to help with sleeping or breathing. Because so many essential oils carry anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, this really helps to keep everyone as safe as possible from getting sick.

Which one would I choose for my home? It honestly depends. I do have both. When I’m wanting to have a room smell especially awesome, I use the plug-in. If I’m feeling like I need a therapeutic use, I always use the Aromasens.

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