Eight Different Ways to Use Essential Oils

I often hear the question: I love that essential oil, but how do I use it? Having used essential oils for over 25 years, it never occurred to me that someone wouldn’t know all the different ways to use them. I got to thinking about it and this is what I came up with!

1) BATH: You can use essential oils in your bath. You can add to salts and throw it in the tub, or simply add to running water. I say running water because the oils are volatile and you want them to mix in with the water, not sit on top of the water. The recommended amount for adults is 10-15 drops depending on size of tub and for children it’s 1-2 drops.

2) BODY OIL: My background is as a massage therapist/aromatherapist, so I would usually use 10 drops of essential oil for a full body massage. I would use 2 drops for each leg, 1 drop for each arm, 2 drops for the back and 1-2 drops for the shoulders and neck area. If you’re wanting to make a “large” batch and not just for one body at a time, use a 3% dilution in a carrier oil of your choosing. Almond and hemp are always nice ones to choose from. This would mean in an 8 oz bottle, you would use about 7 ml or 140 drops. For children, use 1% dilution, so about 2 ml or 40 drops per 8 oz bottle.

3) FACE OIL: You really don’t want to have your face oil too strong, so I recommend sticking to 1%-1 ½% dilution with your favourite oil. We recommend organic rosehip oil because it is high in Vitamin A, which helps with youthful skin and cell communication.

4) COMPRESS: Lavender and Tea Tree EO can be used directly on gauze and placed on an area for their healing effects. Other essential oils need to be diluted in water. So, use 10 drops in 100 ml of water… that’s 1% dilution. Place over body part and cover with plastic. Rest for 20-60 minutes for best results.

5) INHALATION: Place 10 drops in a basin of hot water. Place a towel over your head to keep the steam in and inhale for up to 10 minutes up to 3 xs a day. This is great for head colds.

6) AIR SPRAY: Again, think 1% dilution. So, if you have 200 ml of water, you could add a teaspoon of alcohol as dispersant and add 20 drops of our favourite EO.

7) DIFFUSER: This one’s tricky because all diffusers are different. My suggestion? Always follow the manufacturer’s suggestion because some diffusers cab get clogged if you use too much.

DEODORIZER: I like to add a couple drops of EO to my palms, rub together then remove with a Kleenex or paper towel. Then just tuck it away behind a cushion or pillowcase. Works wonders!

Of course, always check to make sure that the essential oil that you’re choosing is right for your needs.

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