What Does a Healthy Diet Look Like?

My name is Amanda Guarino. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for helping individuals feel healthy and live vibrant lives. You can view my whole story and nutrition journey at www.amandasnaturalwellness.com.

I have been working at Evocative Essentials for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! Yes what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. So I assume you all know about the benefits of putting natural ingredients on your skin so let’s talk food, my favourite topic!

Vegan, Vegetarian, Low carb, low protein, Paleo, Weight watchers, Atkins and the list of diets could go on forever! Add food sensitivities, allergies, digestive issues or health concerns into the mix and you have yourself one big HEADACHE. So how do you know what diet is right for you or if you even need one? That’s where I come in. As a Holistic Nutritionist I specialize in one-on-one food coaching as every one’s body is different and has different needs.

If you are following a specific diet and you love it and your body feel great then I say keep at it! One of the most important factors in healthy eating is enjoying what you eat. If you do not enjoy what you eat, chances are your body won’t either. If you are struggling with health concerns, food sensitives or digestive issues or simply want to start eating healthier here are a few basic steps to get you started.

  1. Try to aim for half a plate of vegetables at EACH meal.

  2. A ¼ of your plate should be protein from healthy, happy animals. Look for the words pasture raised, grass-fed or grass-finished beef and wild caught fish

  3. A ¼ of your plate should be healthy carbohydrates which could be sweet potato, squash, plantain or if you tolerate grains rice or quinoa.

  4. Healthy fats should be included in each meal including full-fat coconut milk, avocado, olives, nuts/seeds, cold olive oil or fats from the above protein choices

Keep in mind that diet isn’t the only thing to a healthier you. Exercising for your body type, keeping a positive mind, sleep patterns and stress management are also important!

If you need help with your journey towards a balanced, healthier you I would love to help! If you have a question regarding food, supplements or lifestyle head over to my blog and I would love to answer it for you!

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