The Ooohs and Aaaahs of Baths

When I’ve had a particularly stressful day, the first thing I think to turn to is a nice warm bath. I usually grab some lavender salts or a bath bomb, light some candles and relax. Personally, I almost always add a few drops of patchouli to my salts because I just love that smell and I find it really relaxing. It also feels self-nurturing for me to add something that I really, really like.

The great thing about a warm bath, is that it’s so soothing to the system. It helps the body detox by raising your core temperature, dilating blood vessels, bringing fresh blood to your tired and aching muscles. When your muscles relax, it gives your nerves a chance to relax as well. When you let your body ease down into the amazing smelling water, your body feels cocooned. It’s as if the frantic world is left behind and it’s just you and your deep relaxation.

I’ve read a lot of articles talking about hot baths and I have to warn you that a hot bath actually can cause your blood pressure to rise and your nerves to become irritated. Your blood courses through your bloodstream and if you aren’t hydrating, you could become dehydrated and if you stand up too quickly, your blood pressure could plummet, causing you to become dizzy! All this physiological activity can even interfere with your sleep, if the bath is too close to bedtime. The safest temperature for a bath is just above body temperature, which is 37 degrees Celsius. Much more than that, and you run the risk of injury. If you’re wanting to have a really hot bath, I recommend either pouring cool water over your head (yuck!) or having a cool wash cloth to put at the base of your neck (much nicer!). Be sure to stand up slowly or why not add some cold to the bath water just prior to getting out. That way, your body will have the chance to get back to equilibrium. Of course, hot baths should never be taken by anyone who has high blood pressure, is elderly, pregnant or has nerve damage.

Stick with your warm aromatherapy bath and you’ll never go wrong.

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