Chapped Lips SOS

I’m personally not addicted to lip balms, so I generally only thin to use them when I physically see it and then I remember to use it or when my lips are actually feeling like they’re drying out.

The problem with my lips drying out is that once it starts to happen, I don’t know about you but it seems to happen instantaneously and the next thing I know is I have chapped, dried dead peeling skin. How’s that for attractive? Anyone want a kiss? No? Ah, come on….

So, what do I do about this dried lip situation? I gently exfoliate my lips using natural and simple ingredients from my Love Your Lips BLOG. The natural oils from the exfoliant help to moisturize while I get rid of that dead skin. Then, I finally remember to slather on my lip balm and keep slathering it on to protect my lips.

So, why do lips get so darned dry, especially in the winter? Lips, unlike your skin, have very thin tissue covering them. This leaves them way more susceptible to drying out. The proximity of your lips to your tongue is another issue that contributes to dry chapped lips. When lips are dry, people tend to lick their lips to soothe the dryness. This helps in the short term, but compounds the dryness in the long term. Your saliva breaks down your already sensitive tissue and creates a vicious cycle. Also, what are you applying to your lips? If it’s a petroleum based product (which most are), the petroleum acts to moisturize as you first put it on. This very same petroleum, (think oil sludge or gasoline) is actually drying out your lips as you’re wearing it! Think back to the saliva, only about a thousand times worse.

The answer is to be kind to your lips and don’t panic! First, rid yourself of that dead skin. It may take a day or two or even a week. Be gentle and kind. Use only natural, healthy lip balms and make sure there’s no drying fragrance or flavouring in them. Lastly, keep your tongue in your mouth.

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