Natural Baby Oil

In light of the recent Johnson and Johnson baby powder 72-million-dollar verdict, I thought it would be a good idea to look at some better alternatives for baby. Just because a product states that it’s “made for baby” does it mean it’s safe for baby or for anyone. If you’ll recall, Johnson and Johnson just lost their case against a woman who lost her life due to ovarian cancer which was directly linked to the talc that they used in their product.

For years, these companies have thrived on that baby powder scent and used it in the powder as well as the oil. The oil, by t he way was mineral oil. That’s the same stuff that is extracted out of the ground as cruse oil and then refined, much like car oil, to be used on baby’s delicate skin. Ummmm, no thanks!

So, why not try this recipe instead:

.5 Cup Calendula Oil

10 drops each: organic lavender and tea tree essential oils

Yup! That’s it. Pretty simple, huh? The calendula oil is amazing for its healing benefits, especially eczema and irritated skin. The lavender and tea tree are both safe to use (diluted) on baby and are not only antibacterial, but also antiviral.

This oil can be used to treat diaper rash, or for toddlers, to help with cuts and scrapes.

You can find how to make calendula oil on our Blog post!Make-Your-Own-Calendula-Herbal-Oil/c24o2/5617de8a0cf2c6c6436c32f5

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