Be Green + REFILL

Be Green + REFILL

The tide has turned and momentum is growing due to the huge push to reduce plastic use; Evocative Essentials is happy to climb on board too. For you to play a role, we suggest you be conscious in your buying decisions and take back your power. We truly believe that we can do some good for our communities and planet...together!

You may already know that our locally made products are created with natural ingredients and pure, authentic essential oils. Now we are offering you a way to help save the planet, one container at a time. We have started a new refillable program in an effort to reduce the amount of garbage both you and us buy. We have many loyal customers who come in and purchase the same products they love consistently. We got to thinking, why not let our supporters refill their products, save money, and not waste a perfectly good container? We don't see a down side to offering this. We see benefits to us all.

REFILL on the all of our products that you love. SAVE MONEY by reusing your container. HELP THE PLANET by not throwing away more garbage.

At the moment, we are offering this in a few of our products, but we plan to expand it to a wide range of them. The next time you finish up that last drop of your favorite Lavender Lotion, don't throw away the container! Wash it out, and bring it in for us to sanitize and refill. Your wallet and our planet will thank you all for it!

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